Vegan Questions

As a vegan for almost two years, I have come across some questions that I sometimes get daily. By family, friends, and non vegans aka strangers at Olive Garden. Some comments I get out in public or at parties; “Don’t you miss cheese?” “What about ice cream, or cookies, oh my, what about brownies?” “Do you only eat lettuce?” “Cheese?”.
There are vegan ice cream, cookies, brownies, cheese, and no I don’t only eat lettuce.

Without further a do here are some vegan related questions I gathered from my Instagram! Which is @bonjour.kaley, if you want to follow!

  1. Don’t you miss yogurt?Β 

    When I was a kid and before I went vegan, I was already a super healthy lady. At 6 Ii was eating granola like candy, eating brand cereal when the house had Fruit Loops, I ate all the healthy breads, yogurt, and some of my grandmother’s “healthy” food. But yogurt was a miss of mine, it was my one food love. And one day at Walmart I found them, Silk’s Vanilla Yogurt, and So Delicous’s Strawberry Coconut. THANK YOU YOGURT PEOPLE.

  2. Favorite dish?

    Something simple, pasta perhaps. Whole wheat shell pasta, a nice chunky sauce, tomatoes, spinach, and veggies on the side with two pieces of rye bread with vegan butter.

  3. How did you transition?

    Going into a vegan diet can always be hard, even more so when you live with a non vegan family, or simply because you find it harder than you thought it would be. I did my transition slowly, cutting off meat and fish of course was number one. After that I cut out milk and cheese, I now eat vegan cheddar cheese and drink almond and coconut milk, it’s so good. Plus when I found vegan ice cream, vegan baking cookbooks, and vegan yogurt I was set in the department. When you have alternatives it helps a bit more, than going from eating say mac and cheese, yogurt, ice cream, burgers, to eating all of those foods now just vegan, it helps A TON. Just take it one day at a time if doing it all in one day is hard, it’s completely normal to take it slow.

  4. What’s the easy way to start for someone who has been eating meat for years?

    Finding meat alternatives, tons of stores have vegan meatballs, veggie burgers, tofu, vegan chicken tenders, vegan bacon… you get the idea. I grew up in a house hold full of big meat eaters, so finding meat that they would also enjoy and was vegan was a goal of mine. But they all love when I make vegan meatballs, vegan meatloaf, and veggie burgers. Than you can start taking out dairy, and eggs, and all that jazz. The above questions explains more.

  5. Quick & easy recipes?

    PASTA AND RICE WILL BE YOUR BESTFRIENDS. I am in love with pasta, any kind really. There are so many different kinds of tomato based sauces you can play with, or make your own with tomatoes, herbs and spices and peppers, oh so good. Soup is also a real easy one, I love the lentil soup from The First Mess,Β Link. Plus you make vegan pancakes, which is just flour, sugar, water or almond milk, baking powder and a dash of salt. You can also make baked fries! There are ton of vegan recipes out there! I’ll post some of mine as the year goes on!

  6. Eating outside?

    The only time I felt weird about being vegan or found it hard was when I went to certain places with my family, eating dinner or any meal outside of my own vegan kitchen. Some places these days are adding vegan options, but if you are going to a restaurant that you know you can’t eat anything, eat before, that’s all I can say. But most of the time you can get a small side salad(I know), french fries, maybe some toast or steamed veggies, some places have pasta that is all vegan friendly, just ask first! PS: Olive Garden has a vegan soup, and the bread sticks are vegan!!!

  7. What effects have you seen on your health?

    I have noticed an increase of energy and focus 100%, my skin has cleared a bit, my skin feels softer and nicer, honestly. I also wake up feeling better, lighter. When you eat fatty animal foods, you sometimes go to sleep feeling full and wake up feeling heavy because of it.

  8. Do you use vegan cosmetics? Which ones are your favorite?

    I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but my favorite brand is Elf, everything is so cheap but work beautifully. I use their cream eyeshadow, it is so silky and stays on forever!

  9. Do you have any good packed lunch recipes?

    One of my favorite packed lunches are Spiralized Asian Quinoa Salad with Peanut Dressing. It’s a perfect lunch, plus you get those veggies in, and the longer the noodles sit in the peanut dressing the better it gets, which is perfect. You can make it on a monday and have some the rest of the week! Another good one is a Vegan Loaded Baked Potato, I love to use sweet potato, just steam it pack it in a container with some veggies, beans, rice, with a side of fruit. Best lunch ever!

  10. Why is veganism important to you personally?

    I had never heard of vegan before I discovered it, I knew what vegetarian was, never knew anyone who was either. I discovered veganism when I stumbled across an article about four-years ago, about McDonald’s chicken, and how much they were hurting this animals, physically and mentally. I was heart-broken. But it wouldn’t be until two years later that I went vegan. After seeing documentaries about veganism and what’s happening to the animals in factory farms, petting zoos, circuses, normal zoos, and everything in between, I realized I had to be apart of the change. I couldn’t keep talking about these issues without doing something about it, and going vegan was my way of helping, than sharing the message was another way I feel like I’m helping. I went vegan for the animals first, the planet second, and me third. I am so happy with my choice.

I will do more of these vegan help posts! If you have any vegan related questions, direct message me on Instagram or head over to me contact page and send me a message.








  1. I loved this blog post! I’ve been vegan for nearly two year too, 18 February is my ‘anniversary’ πŸ˜€ I never found it hard to tell people why I went vegan but the questions they asked were very annoying, sometimes I feel like they think vegans are a completely different species to them!


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