How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I have been getting a ton of questions on how I edit my photos over on my Instagram, it really is the most simplest thing ever. I will share some of my tips for good pictures as well.

1. The App

When it comes to editing pictures, people have different ideas and that calls for a mix of different apps you can pick from. I love L O V E Vsco, I have been using it for three years. Simply perfect. Gets better with every update.


2. Editing Process

My one and only filter is A6 by Vsco. It gives my photos a nice polished look, makes whites brighter, and works wonders with my theme colors and bedroom.
Just to brighten it abit, I add some exposure, not to much.

Contrast separates some of the whites and darker colors. Again not to much of this, unless you want to.

I always add just a touch of Saturation.


  •  • BE YOURSELF, coping others pictures to a T is never okay. Instagram is about being creative, finding new intrests and making new friends. It’s not a compition of who has the most followers, better pictures, or anything like that.
  •  • Use natural light, it’s the only light I use. Everything becomes SO much more crisp and overall better.
  •  • Test everything out! Take multiple pictures, different angles, different filters, play around! That’s the fun of taking pictures.


If you have any questions! Let me know!




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